The Soluna Story

What does 'SOLUNA' Mean? The name SOLUNA originated from the combination of two Latin root words, ("sol") meaning sun and ("luna") meaning moon. For centuries mankind has gazed up at the sky in complete awe & wonderment as these two powerful & mysterious forces dance through earths orbit in precise synchronicity. For some, at any given moment, the ("sol") will peek into the horizon signaling the dawn of a new day, whilst elsewhere around the world ("luna") fills the sky and twilight settles in.

Built for the Future Soluna Yachts builds with an eye for the future in style and quality as well as exceptional customer service to the owner before and after delivery. We currently offer 46’ and 58’ models in our Coupe series and we have 2 new models underway in development.  Please check back regularly for updates on our new models.

Manufactured with Pride Soluna Yachts are designed and manufactured in the shipyard we own and operate in Istanbul, Turkey, by some of the most talented and experienced boat builders in the world. Turkey's young, educated work force and robust economy enable us to provide the integrity and value built into every Soluna Yacht---straight from the factory---from our family to yours. All Soluna hull designs are optimized and tested to cruise safely and comfortably at just under 30 knots with fuel-efficient power plants to maximize fuel economy and provide spirited performance. Our performance cruisers are constructed utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and composite materials. Hulls are formed with monolithic E-glass biaxial cloths and vinyl-ester resins strengthened with Kevlar, topsides are sandwiched with H-80 Divinycell PVC foam, and decks, superstructures and bulkheads are honeycombed with polypropylene for added strength and weight savings. Soluna Yachts are fully equipped with the latest electronics and hardware so that virtually no options are needed, and our elegant, handcrafted wood interiors are designed and finished with attention to every exquisite detail. Soluna Yacht Company is a family-owned yacht builder based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, showcasing Down East retro yacht designs.